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Gymletics Yoga is a great way to stay active, but it can also be a bit dreary. That’s why we love high-waisted Gymletics yoga leggings! They give you the perfect coverage without sacrificing comfort and keep you looking chic while working out. Plus, these high-waisted leggings have some cool features that make them stand out from their low-rise counterparts:

We love layering — especially when it comes to our yoga leggings.

Layering is a great way to stay comfortable and dry, especially when active. We love layering because it helps us feel warmer when it’s cold and cooler when it’s hot. Yoga leggings are perfect for layering because they’re not too heavy or bulky — they won’t weigh you down!

Layering can also help keep moisture away from your body so that if it rains during class or if you sweat during practice, the layers underneath will keep their shape (and hopefully not smell).

These high-waist leggings give you the perfect amount of coverage without sacrificing comfort.

Gymletics High-waisted leggings are the perfect solution if you’re looking to stay comfortable while exercising. They provide enough coverage so you don’t have to worry about your stomach sticking out or feeling exposed. These leggings also come in a variety of colours and patterns.

If you love yoga but are self-conscious about your body, these might be the perfect pair of leggings!

The Hidden Waistband Pocket is a great place to store your phone or keys while working out.

The Hidden Waistband Pocket is a great place to store your phone or keys while working out. It’s a hidden pocket inside the waistband where you can safely tuck away anything from a credit card to an apple. The design keeps everything secure and comfortable against your body, so it feels just like wearing regular leggings (except with extra storage!).

The pocket works especially well for phones: You can keep yours close by while doing yoga or pilates poses without worrying about dropping it between sets. And if you like listening to music while working out, this feature will also be useful!

Thanks to their four-way stretch fabric, you’ll never have to worry about these leggings slipping down.

Whether doing poses on the mat or running around town, these leggings keep you cool and dry with their sweat-wicking technology.

If you’re looking for a pair of leggings that will keep you cool and dry during your workout, these are the ones to buy. They have sweat-wicking technology that helps pull moisture away from your skin and keep it there, so there’s no need to worry about getting damp in the knees or thighs. The breathable fabric also means they won’t feel too clingy or heavy on hot days.

The high waistband is ideal for holding everything in place and keeping out unwanted odours (if things get sweaty). And if that weren’t enough, these leggings come with a hidden pocket at the top so you can tuck away your key fob or phone when it’s time to hit the mat!

The design is intended to sit above ankle height–you’ll never have an issue with them riding down while doing poses on this mat or running around town!

These high-waisted yoga leggings are a great way to stay comfortable while exercising.

High-waisted yoga leggings are a great way to stay comfortable while exercising. They can be used for various workouts, including yoga, running and more. They’re also fashionable!

These leggings have a high waistband that sits just below your belly button and features an elastic band stretching to fit your waist perfectly. The material is thick enough so it doesn’t show through clothes but thin enough not to feel bulky or uncomfortable on your skin as you move around during exercise routines–and they come in various colours so you’ll never get bored with what you wear!


If you’re looking for high-waisted yoga leggings that will keep up with your busy schedule, these are the ones for you. The Hidden Waistband Pocket lets you store your phone or keys while working out, so there’s no need to carry extra gear with these leggings. They also have a four-way stretch fabric that won’t slip down during poses or runs around town — and their sweat-wicking technology means they’ll keep you dry and cool throughout every workout!

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