Gymletics is your brand for innovative, high-performance activewear and athletic apparel. Whether you’re hitting the gym or running or want comfortable athletic leisurewear, Gymletics has you covered.

Our workout clothing for men and women is designed for durability, movement, and comfort. We offer moisture-wicking gym shirts, tanks, and shorts for men, leggings, sports bras, and more for women. Styles are made to optimize your workout with features like seamless technology, contouring, and quick-dry fabrics.

Beyond the gym, Gymletics is your source for versatile activewear and athleisure wear. Our athleisure line includes soft gym hoodies, supportive leggings, and shirts made to move with you. Whether you’re working out or just running errands, Gymletics apparel performs while keeping you comfortable.

At Gymletics, we create the tools to help you become your personal best, no matter your sport or activity. Our high-quality, innovative designs are game-changers – not just in the clothing but also in the people who wear them. The Gymletics community is devoted to unlocking potential through fitness and preparation.

Men’s Gym Clothes

Our Men’s Gym Clothes feature innovative designs to keep you cool, dry and comfortable during any workout.

Sweat-wicking shirts and Tanks

Our sweat-wicking shirts and tanks are designed with lightweight, breathable fabrics that pull moisture away from your skin. This keeps you dry even during the most intense workouts. The fabrics are also quick-drying, so you stay comfortable.

Choose from short-sleeved crew neck shirts, sleeveless tanks, and muscle tanks. Colours include classic black, grey and white, bold prints, and colour blocking. Performance details like stretch fabric, raglan sleeves and mesh panelling provide full mobility.

Gym Shorts

Our gym shorts are made for movement with features like 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you. The lightweight material is also moisture-wicking to keep you dry.

Choose the fitting shorts for your workout – longer for coverage during squats and lunges or shorter 5-7 inch seam lengths for ultimate mobility. Features like side pockets, internal drawcords and elastic waistbands with internal drawcords ensure a customized, secure fit.


Our sweatpants are made with soft, lightweight French terry or jersey for superior comfort during and after your workouts. Details like tapered legs, elastic cuffs and adjustable drawcords let you dial in the perfect fit.

Choose from joggers, cuffed sweatpants or traditional sweats. Colours include heather greys, black and bold hues. Performance sweatpants feature moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry, stash pockets, ankle zips, and reflective details.

Women’s Gym Clothes

Our Women’s Gym Clothes are designed for performance, comfort and style. We use innovative fabrics and clever designs to create leggings, sports bras, tops and more to power you through any workout.

Compression Legging Designs

Our leggings feature compression technology to provide muscle support and help increase blood flow during demanding workouts. The stretch compression material hugs your body while allowing a full range of motion. Flatlock seams reduce irritation so you can focus on your training, not your tights.

High Support Sports Bras

Finding the right sports bra is crucial for comfortable, focused training. Our sports bras feature moisture-wicking fabrics, adjustable straps and secure clasps to provide customizable support. Racerback and crisscross back designs allow entire arm and shoulder mobility. Removable padding lets you adjust coverage and contouring.

Quick-Dry, Sweat-Wicking Fabrics

We use technical, quick-drying fabrics to keep you cool, dry and comfortable during even the most intense workouts. Our sweat-wicking material keeps moisture from your skin, while mesh panels and strategic cutouts provide ventilation. The lightweight, breathable fabrics move with you through every pose, stride or rep.

Bodybuilding Apparel

An obsession with lifting is what started this brand, and we haven’t forgotten our roots. Our Bodybuilding clothes feature classic styles with modern cuts and innovative fabrics to help you raise the bar.

  • Our bodybuilding tank tops and t-shirts feature a classic muscle fit to show off your gains. Racerback and stringer tank styles allow a full range of motion.
  • Modern cuts like dropped armholes and cropped hemlines update these classic gym staples.
  • Innovative sweat-wicking fabrics keep you cool and dry during your most challenging workouts. Four-way stretch fabric moves with you through every exercise.
  • New lightweight, breathable fabrics provide comfort without restricting your range of motion so you can lift more. The latest moisture-managing technology keeps sweat from slowing you down.
  • Our bodybuilding shorts and pants use performance fabrics that allow free movement while providing muscular compression and support.
  • Cutting-edge textiles resist odour so you can go hard in the weight room. Antimicrobial properties stop bacteria growth.
  • Bold prints and designs showcase your sculpted physique and reflect your bodybuilding lifestyle. Make a statement while setting new PRs.

Activewear & Athleisure

We create activewear designed to support you through any activity or workout. Our innovative fabrics and construction techniques blend comfort and high performance perfectly.

Our activewear selection includes clothes made for various sports and activities. Whether you’re a runner, yogi, cyclist, or gym rat, we have the activewear to meet your needs.

Our workout leggings utilize moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool and dry during intense training. Sports bras feature compression and encapsulation technology for superior support and bounce control. Shirts and tops utilize breathable mesh panels and sweat-wicking materials to enhance ventilation during your most challenging sessions.

Our activewear clothing goes through rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand repeated wear and movement. The fabrics and seams are designed to stretch and flex with your body. We also utilize anti-chafe fabrics so you can focus on your workout without irritation.

In addition to performance, we also prioritize comfort in our activewear. Our workout clothes utilize soft, lightweight materials that feel great against your skin. The waistbands are designed to stay in place without digging in or squeezing. Other design details like flatlock seams minimize friction so you can comfortably move through any range of motion.

Whether you’re heading to a spin class, the tennis courts, or the weight room, our activewear provides the perfect combination of comfort, support, performance and style. We want to equip you with everything you need to tackle any activity with confidence and comfort.

Athleisure Styles

Our athleisure elevates your workouts with the most comfortable gym hoodies, the most supportive gym leggings and the most innovatively designed workout shirts that are made to move when it matters most.

Comfortable Gym Hoodies

Our gym hoodies are designed for comfort and performance. Made with soft, lightweight fabrics, they regulate your body temperature during intense workouts while wicking away sweat. The fitted hood stays in place even during explosive movements. With thumbholes, zip pockets and reflective details, our gym hoodies keep you comfortable and safe during early morning or evening workouts.

Supportive Gym Leggings

Our high-waisted gym leggings provide compression and support precisely where you need it. The waistband stays put while the leggings move with you. Strategic seaming and gussets allow a full range of motion. Quick-drying, sweat-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry. Offered in a range of prints and colours, our gym leggings are as stylish as they are functional.

Innovative Workout Shirts

Our workout shirts feature clever designs that enhance your performance. Mesh panelling at the back and underarms increases ventilation. Thumbholes keep sleeves in place. Reflective details improve visibility. Antimicrobial treatments prevent odours. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry. With loose, relaxed fits that allow complete freedom of movement, our workout shirts are made for high-intensity training.

Beyond Clothes

At Gymletics, we believe fitness is about more than just having the right workout clothes. It’s about unlocking your full potential through proper conditioning and preparation. Our apparel is designed to support your training, but we know it takes more than the right gym shirt or leggings to accomplish your goals.

Our community is devoted to making daily progress, whether nailing a new PR at the gym or running farther than you did yesterday. We want to provide you with the gear to perform your best while giving you the motivation and mindset to keep improving.

Fitness is a lifelong journey of growth. By focusing on where you want to be instead of where you are right now, you can step outside your comfort zone and surprise yourself. At Gymletics, we want to help you envision your future self so you have a clear target to work towards.

Our high-performance activewear is designed for wherever your training takes you. But it’s up to you to work each day to get one step closer to your goals. We’ll provide quality clothing engineered to move with you. You need to bring the right mindset focused on progression and becoming better than before.

Every workout, run, or training session allows you to develop yourself physically and mentally. Our community is all about embracing the grind with motivation and resilience, no matter how hard it gets. We’re here to support you with apparel that performs when needed. What you achieve comes down to your work and preparation each day.

At Gymletics, we believe in working hard today to unlock your potential. Our gear supports your goals, but real progress is made through rigorous conditioning and focused preparation for whatever comes your way. We’re invested in helping you envision and achieve your future fitness goals.

Game-Changing Designs

Our fitness apparel features advanced fabrics and innovative technology to revolutionize your workout. We use technical, sweat-wicking materials that keep you cool and dry as your workout heats up. Our stretch fabrics and clever cuts allow full movement freedom so you can bend, stretch, and lift without restriction.

The performance-enhancing designs include:

  • Seamless construction – Creates lightweight, non-chafing, streamlined workout wear. The seamless bras and leggings have no irritating seams across sensitive areas.
  • 4-way stretch fabric – Material stretches and recovers in all directions for ultimate mobility. The fabrics move with you through every squat, lunge, and burpee.
  • Mesh panelling – Strategic mesh zones allow maximum breathability and ventilation during sweaty workouts. Mesh placed along the back and sides provide superior airflow.
  • Compression – Tight fit increases blood circulation and oxygen, decreasing fatigue and speeding muscle recovery. Compression leggings and tops give muscles the ideal environment to perform at their peak.
  • Contoured designs – Clothing sculpted to match the natural shape and contours of the body allows a fuller range of motion without restriction. The fabrics flow smoothly over your frame.

Our game-changing activewear features advanced textiles and body-conscious designs so you can move freely and break past your limits. The clothing performs as hard as you do.

The Gymletics Community

At Gymletics, we are more than a fitness clothing brand – we’re a community devoted to unlocking potential. Our game-changing workout gear helps fuel your goals, and the people behind our brand constantly strive to create apparel that empowers your progress.

Everyone in the Gymletics community shares a commitment to bettering themselves, whether that’s achieving a new personal record, completing an intense workout, or staying motivated through a fitness journey. We believe in the power of what you can accomplish today to prepare for tomorrow.

Our innovative, high-performance activewear is designed to be your perfect gym-to-street workout companion. But we know it takes more than clothing to reach your potential – dedication through every setback and triumph. The Gymletics community celebrates each step of your fitness journey.

We are devoted to supporting you before, during, and after your workouts. Our clothing keeps you comfortable and confident so you can stay focused on being your personal best. The people behind our brand are passionate about creating apparel that empowers you to unlock your potential.

At Gymletics, we provide the game-changing workout gear. You bring the dedication to accomplish your fitness goals. Together, we are an empowered community devoted to realizing our potential through conditioning and commitment. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


Gymletics offers an impressive selection of performance athletic apparel to help you achieve your fitness goals. Gymletics clothes are made to move and motivate from sweat-wicking fabrics to flexible fits.

We’ve highlighted Gymletics’ wide range of men’s and women’s gym clothes, including tank tops, shorts, leggings, and more. There’s also speciality apparel for bodybuilding and a stylish athleisure collection.

Beyond high-quality workout gear, Gymletics represents an empowering community devoted to becoming their personal best. With game-changing designs and support from fellow Gymletics members, the possibilities are limitless.

The future looks bright for Gymletics as they continue innovating workout apparel and bringing people together through fitness. Their clothes make rigorous training achievable and help athletes of all levels push their limits. Gymletics will remain a top destination for motivating, comfortable gym clothes to unleash your true potential.